All teams that want to take part in the competition have to submit their proposal as well as their 1 minute video until the 31st March 2018.

The teams are totally free with respect to the experiment that they propose as long as it does not rise any safety concerns. The technical feasibility will be an important criterion for the selection of the winners. We know that judging what is feasible and what is not may be difficult for the teams. Refer to this support document for information.

A large number of experienced scientists have offered to help the teams. The list of names, countries and e-mail addresses can be found below:

Country/region Name Email
Austria Natascha Hoermann
Belgium Dirk Ryckbosch

Atanas Batinkov

Zornitsa Zaharieva

Czech Republic

Jiří Rameš
Denmark Ian Bearden

Finland (Finnish speaking schools)

Panja Luukka

Finland (Swedish speaking schools) Kenneth Österberg
France (and other French-speaking countries except Belgium and Switzerland which have dedicated contacts)

Nicolas Delerue

Nicolas Arnaud


Thomas Naumann (Berlin)

Philip Bechtle (Bonn)

Marcel Stanitzki (Hamburg)

Stefan Stonjek (München)

Greece Despina Hatzifotiadou
Hungary Zoltan Szillasi

Madhav Vittal (organisational questions)

Seema Sharma (physics)


Seyed Mohsen Etesami

Mojtaba Mohammadi Najafabadi

Israel Daniel Lellouch
Italy Giovanni Organtini
Netherlands (Nijmegen) Charles Timmermans
Netherlands (Amsterdam) Peter Kluit
Norway Eirik Gramstad
Poland Krzysztof Wozniak
Portugal, Brazil Pedro T. Abreu
Slovakia Ivan Melo
Slovenia Andrej Gorisek
South Africa Sahal Yacoob
Spain Alberto Ruiz
Sweden Jonas Strandberg
Switzerland Hans Peter Beck
Turkey Serkant Cetin
United States Ken Cecire
United Kingdom Pete Watkins
United Kingdom Elizabeth Cunningham
Other countries BL4S organizers

Please note that there will be a lot of questions from all over the world and we recommend getting in touch with your local contact first! We thus encourage you to contact one of the experts if you think you need help with your proposal.

In case your country or language is not listed or if you have general comments or suggestions, please contact us directly via

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