What is the Beamline for Schools competition?

Competition for the BL4S 2018 is now announced! 

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2017 Competition - Check the winners here



CERN is offering high-school students from around the world the chance to create and perform a scientific experiment on a CERN accelerator beamline. What better way to learn about physics? Now in its fifth year, the Beamline for Schools competition is open to teams of at least 5 students aged 16 and up with at least one adult supervisor, or "coach".

Are you interested about the past editions and what the winning teams have done at the beam line? Check out the "Editions" box!

Are you interested about registering for next year's competition? Find out about the beamline and facilities on this website and go through the useful documents for detailed information! Finally, think of a simple and creative experiment and submit your written proposal as well as your video before the deadline on 31st of March 2018.

One of the previous winning teams has studied the way limestone absorbs muons, using muon tomography, while the other team has tested the validity of the Special Relativity theory, using the decay rate of pions. What would you do? Check-out the video of the 2016 winners who came at CERN to perform their experiment!


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