Current & past editions

The first edition of the Beamline for Schools competition took place in 2014, year that coincides with CERN’s 60th anniversary. The idea was to make a fully equipped beamline available for high-school students to run an experiment in the same way that the laboratory’s researchers do.

For the first time, the laboratory was offering a chance to high-school students worldwide to carry out an experiment at CERN as if they were real researchers working on a real proton beamline. Since then, the past three editions met a great success and CERN received hundreds of submissions from students from all around the world willing to take part in this amazing competition.

Not convinced to join the 2018 edition yet? Find out more about the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions, check out the links and updates from the submenu above for more information about the competition and winners. Join us and take part for this exciting and fun adventure! 

Numbers of participating teams and countries for the BL4S competition since 2014: 

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