The deadline for submission for this year's Beamline for Schools Competition is over.

A big thank you to all participating teams! The winners will be announced in June, stay tuned!


BEAMLINE FOR SCHOOLS is an official competition powered by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. It is open for all high-school students around the world.

The competition invites teams of high-school students to propose a scientific experiment that they want to perform at CERN. First prizes for two winning teams is a trip to CERN to carry out their proposed experiments on a fully-equipped accelerator beam line. There are additional prizes for short-listed teams and certificates for all participants.

Be inspired and take part in hands-on scientific experiments on-site at CERN, a world-leading international research institute! CERN offers a great opportunity for students to learn, make new discoveries and apply their knowledge into new settings.


Beamline for Schools is running a 5th edition in 2018. Submissions for this year are closed, we are currently in the evaluation process.
Get inspired by our new video below and stay tuned for news!


The two winning teams of 2017 have visited CERN end of September to perform their proposed experiments.

Both teams had a great time at CERN and are analysing their collected data now.


Would you like to be inspired by our previous editions? To discover more about the previous winners click here.

Winner participants from the Beamline for schools competition in 2016.


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High-school students performing their proposed experiments at CERN.


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