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10 Sep 2014 — CERN people from across the HSE, Beams, Engineering and Physics departments volunteered to inspire young physicists about particle physics at CERN
8 Sep 2014 — The young physicists of the winning teams Odysseus' Comrades and Dominicuscollege have arrived at CERN to start their experiments
3 Sep 2014 — Physicists at CERN are busy preparing the T9 beamline to host experiments by the winners of the Beamline for schools competition
6 Jun 2014 — Following almost 300 submissions from school groups around the world, two teams have been selected to come to CERN
4 Apr 2014 — Nearly 300 teams from around the world have submitted proposals telling CERN why they should win the beamline for schools competition
5 Feb 2014 — With registration closed, the 455 teams must now make their case for why they should win the beamline for schools competition
17 Jan 2014 — With registration closing on 31 January, what would you do if you could conduct a real experiment on a CERN proton beamline?
27 Nov 2013 — For CERN’s 60th anniversary in 2014, the laboratory is offering a chance to high-school students worldwide to carry out an experiment at CERN


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