Proposal submission


Submission for BL4S 2018 edition is closed!


Students must work together to create a proposal in two parts:

  1. written proposal of up to 1000 words that may be supported by diagrams or pictures. It explains
    • Why you want to come to CERN;
    • What you hope to take away from the experience;
    • Your proposal on how you would like to use the particle beamline for your experiment.
  2. 1-minute video that summarizes your written proposal in a creative, entertaining way and that introduces the members of the team.

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. The feasibility of the experiment
  2. Your ability to follow the scientific method
  3. The motivation of the students: why do you want to come to CERN?
  4. The creativity of the experiment and the 1-minute video

Note that the above points will be judged equally. We are not expecting a fully developed experimental proposal with a detailed setup and hypothesis. An idea on what you and your team want to find out or how you want to use the beamline communicated in a creative way is enough to take part. So do not worry if the technical details of the beamline facilities look a little daunting at first. We have provided several example experiments and people to contact for help.

Adults are encouraged to help students understand what the particle beam is capable of, but the students must create the proposal themselves. The winning teams will have the opportunity to work with CERN scientists to refine their ideas before they come to CERN.

Proposals must be received by midnight CET on 31 March 2018. Winners will be notified in June 2018.

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