BL4S News

4 Oct 2016 — You can submit your proposal along with the video by 31 March 2017.
4 Oct 2016 — The two winning teams from UK and Poland conducted their own experiments as real scientists at a fully equipped CERN beamline.
27 Sep 2016 — With an event organized by CERN, supporters met with the winning teams of the BL4S Competition.
21 Sep 2016 — The two winning teams of the Beamline for Schools competition 2016 have arrived at CERN to perform their experiments.
13 Sep 2016 — Discover the new promotional video of the BL4S competition here!
14 Jul 2016 — Once again, in 2017, a fully equipped beamline will be made available at CERN for students.
13 Jun 2016 — Sixteen students have won the chance to get behind the wheel of a CERN accelerator beam, to conduct their own experiments.
28 Apr 2016 — 151 projects have been submitted for the 2016 competition.
16 Mar 2016 — You haven’t submitted your full proposal yet? Do not miss the date!
2 Mar 2016 — We are happy to announce that for the second time, the BL4S competition receives a grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation.


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