How to take part

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Read the short introduction in your native language (see table below)
  2. Look at the Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Go through the useful documents for tips, ideas, terms and conditions
  4. Read the information about registration
    1. Register your team 
  5. Contact us if you need assistance and advice
  6. Read the information about proposal submission
    1. Submit your team’s proposal and video 

The competition is for teams of high-school students aged 16 and up. Teams can be composed of at least 5 students with at least one adult supervisor, or "coach". Up to nine of the team members and one or two coaches would come to CERN to run the team's experiments. Proposals will be pre-selected by a committee of CERN scientists and the shortlist will be sent to the SPSC, the committee that validates all proposals for experiments at the laboratory’s SPS and PS accelerators.

Student teams should carefully study the information about the beamline and experimental facilities and tell us why they think they should win the chance to carry out experiments at the world’s leading laboratory for particle physics.

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. The feasibility of the experiment
  2. Your ability to follow the scientific method
  3. The motivation of the students: why do you want to come to CERN?
  4. The creativity of the experiment and the 1-minute video

The prizes for the 2017 edition

The first prize is a trip to CERN to carry out experiments at CERN, the exact time to be agreed between CERN and the winning teams. The two winning teams will be invited, all expenses paid, to CERN for a period of one week to carry out experiments on the beamline.

There will be additional prizes for short-listed teams. See FAQ

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