BL4S winners

The Hall of Fame of the Beamline for Schools' competition!

Since the first edition in 2014, 8 teams have won the right to run their experiments on a beamline at CERN.

Teams "Odysseus' Comrades" from Greece and "Dominicuscollege" from the Netherlands won the first competition, followed in 2015 by "Leo4G" from Italy and "Accelerating Africa" from South Africa. For its third year running, CERN welcomed "Pyramid Hunters" from Poland as well as "Relatively Special" from the United Kingdom.

Finally, for its fourth edition, the competition will welcome the teams "Charging Cavaliers" from Canada and "TCO-ASA" from Italy. 

A beautiful mix of countries and origins for an enriching competition!

If you are interested in learning about their projects, you can find all the information about previous winners here:


Since they left CERN, all teams have evolved in different ways. You can see some of the media coverage about previous winners here:

  • Team Dominicuscollege (2014):
    • Article in local newspaper
    • Article in local newspaper
    • Article in the Dutch physics magazine
    • Article from the NTvN (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde, Dutch Physics Magazine) 
    • Students' interview on local TV​​
    • Paper published in "Physics Education" 2016, the international journal of the Institute of Physics (IOP), along with the Nikhef and Radboud University                                    
  • Team Odysseus' Comrades (2014):
  • Team Leo4G (2015): 
    • Article in the local Florence press
    • Article published by the students in "Asimmetrie magazine", from INFN.
    • On top of that, the team took part in a radio interview on "Radio Popolare" and also received a recognition, a target for their school, from the Florentine association “SMS Rifredi”.
  • Team Accelerating Africa (2015):
    • Article in the local press
    • Presentation of the experiment at the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) 2016 Annual Conference.
    • Currently working on a Scientific Paper, to be released a soon as the article is published.
  • Teams Relatively Special and Pyramid Hunters (2016):
    • Article in "symmetry magazine" about their winning of the competition.
    • Article in the local Essex press about the winning of the competition by the team "Relatively Special".
    • Students' interview on local TV - team "Pyramid Hunters"
  • Team Charging Cavaliers (2017):
    • Article in "The star" newspaper about their winning of the competition. 
    • Article in the Physics News of University of Alberta. 
    • Article in "Cambridge Times". 
    • Article in "CBC news". 
    • Video News Video in CTV News Kitchener. 
  • Team TCO-ASA (2017):
    • Article in "La Provinca di Fermo" website about their winning of the competition. 

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