BL4S winners

The Hall of Fame of the Beamline for Schools' competition!

Since the first edition in 2014, 6 teams have won the right to run their experiments on a beamline at CERN.

Teams "Odysseus' Comrades" from Greece and "Dominicuscollege" from the Netherlands won the first competition, followed in 2015 by "Leo4G" from Italy and "Accelerating Africa" from South-Africa. Finally, for its third year running, CERN will welcome "Pyramid Hunters" from Poland as well as "Relatively Special" from the United Kingdom. 

A beautiful mix of countries and origins for an enriching competition!

If you are interested in learning about their projects, you can find all the information about previous winners here:


Since they left CERN, all teams have evolved in different ways. You can see some of the media coverage about previous winners here:


  • Team Dominicuscollege (2014):
    • Article in local newspaper
    • Article in local newspaper
    • Article in the Dutch physics magazine
    • Article from the NTvN (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde, Dutch Physics Magazine) 
    • Students' interview on local TV​​
    • Paper published in "Physics Education" 2016, the international journal of the Institute of Physics (IOP), along with the Nikhef and Radboud University                                    
  • Team Odysseus' Comrades (2014):
  • Team Leo4G (2015): 
    • Article in the local Florence press
    • Article published by the students in "Asimmetrie magazine", from INFN.
    • On top of that, the team took part in a radio interview on "Radio Popolare" and also received a recognition, a target for their school, from the Florentine association “SMS Rifredi”.
  • Team Accelerating Africa (2015):
    • Article in the local press
    • Presentation of the experiment at the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) 2016 Annual Conference.
    • Currently working on a Scientific Paper, to be released a soon as the article is published.
  • Teams Relatively Special and Pyramid Hunters (2016):
    • Article in "symmetry magazine" about their winning of the competition.
    • Article in the local Essex press about the winning of the competition by the team "Relatively Special".
    • Students' interview on local TV - team "Pyramid Hunters"

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