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Famous bands and singers tell you why you should apply for the BL4S Competition!


The Script 




The Winners' Proposals

...and check their written proposals from here


Watch a playlist of selected proposal videos here.



2017: Team Charging Cavaliers
2017: Team TCO-ASA


2016: Team Pyramid Hunters
2016: Team Relatively Special


2015: Team Leo4G
2015: Team Accelerating Africa


2014: Team Odysseus' Comrades
2014: Team Dominicus College





Winners' post-competition media coverage

Team Dominicus College (2014) - Interview on local TV

Team Odysseus' Comrades (2014) - Video compilation of their interview in local media 

Team Pyramid Hunters (2016) - Interview on local TV


Video by 2016 winner Max Raven - team "Relatively Special"

Video by 2017 winner Andrew Mourcos - team "Charging Cavaliers"

Video by 2017 winner Paul McKarris - team "Charging Cavaliers"


Hangout with CERN

Please note: These videos are from previous editions of BL4S and may no longer be fully accurate with respect to the terms and conditions of the competition.

2014: Beamline for schools
2013: Beamline for schools



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