CERN is famous for the Large Hadron Collider, but there’s much more to the laboratory than that. A large part of CERN’s research and development is carried out using fixed-target beamlines, which are used for a variety of experiments that range from investigating the inner workings of protons to probing the mysteries of antimatter. As part of the beam line for schools competition, CERN is making a fully equipped beamline available for a team of school students to run an experiment. Physicists, engineers and experts in data acquisition and analysis are offering students guidance. Beam time will be allocated by scientific competition, just as it is allocated for all CERN experiments.

The competition is for teams of high-school students aged 16 and up. Teams can be composed of up to 30 students with at least one adult supervisor, or "coach". Up to nine of the team members and two coaches would come to CERN to run the team's experiments. Proposals will be pre-selected by a committee of CERN scientists, and the shortlist will be sent to the SPSC, the committee that validates all proposals for experiments at the laboratory’s SPS and PS accelerators.

Apply for the 2015 Beamline for schools competition

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